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Don’t destroy a good story with fact: it gets in the way of the truth.

The PR and marketing landscape has forever changed, thanks to the ever-present giant that is the internet – never was this more obvious than when I looked at my audience at the SearchLove conference, which consisted of a plethora of technophiles looking lovingly at their laptops. Interestingly enough, I was there to speak about PR [...]

The Cadburys Takeover: Dairy Milking?

Over the years, my company has worked with a great many heritage brands – from Horlicks to Gordon’s Gin, Hovis, Selfridges, R White’s Lemonade and of course Wispa. I understand, as a consequence, that these sorts of brands – usually on the back of iconic advertising campaigns and careful PR that pushes all the least [...]

Name Changes, Wispa and More

An article in today’s Independent on brand name changes, comebacks and stunts, mentioning the Borkowski Wispa campaign and quoting me from a blog, originally published here. “We should really have learned from the past. Cadbury started making Wispa bars again two years ago after an online campaign by chocoholics supposedly nostalgic about their 1980s heyday. [...]

The World Behind the ‘Best Job in the World’

You couldn’t move anywhere this morning without hearing something about Ben Southall, the British winner of ‘The Best Job in the World’ and the string of idyllic desert islands along the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia, which will act as his home and office for six months. Not surprising, when the [...]

With a Bang and a Wispa

Luckily, someone at the PR Week Awards was on hand with a camera to capture the Borkowski team’s exuberant stage invasion post the announcement of the team winning the Campaign of the Year Gold Award for the Cadbury’s Wispa campaign. The footage below proves beyond doubt that the only thing to go quietly to the [...]

Winning with Wispa!

The last time we entered the PR Week Awards was fifteen years ago. Then, we won the award for Best Promotional Activity for a publicity stunt that involved a circus and a clown. It was a well-earned award, beating Freud’s Planet Hollywood campaign. For many reasons, however, we have not entered since then. This year, [...]

Wispa campaign evaluated

Still the innuendo flows that our Wispa campaign was a hyped fake. The cynical business pages of the Sunday Telegraph did its own evaluation. Read the results

Bite it and believe the hype

Trevor Beattie the god of creativity in ad land has recognized our work on Wispa in this mornings Independent. “Shout it from the rooftops. Wispa is back. And the campaign behind its return has been a joy to behold. The oldest, subtlest and most effective form of advertising known to mankind is word of mouth. [...]

Hats off … the Wispa-ring campaign

Its not often that praise is handed out in  the notoriously bitchy world of PR, but I was pleased to see read this blog today paying  tribute to our Wispa campaign Thanks to James Gordon-MacIntosh of Seventy Seven. James has often encouraged me to sit on panels and talk about my work and I [...]

The Whisper on Wispa: Never Underestimate the power of 1980′s nostalgia

I have received a flurry of emails from fellow PR friends and journalists who have realised that Borkowski is behind the relaunch of Wispa.  Many erroneously think we created an online campaign to bring back Wispa.  We designed a press campaign informed by the amount of on line pressure groups that had been running for [...]